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Quality Home Care For Your Loved-One

Quality Nursing Home Care that is Unique for each Individual

Lenawee Medical Care Facility in Adrian, Michigan, supports the holistic approach to senior care. When your loved one needs quality senior care services such as medical care, rehabilitative therapy, dressing, bathing, and other services, we provide comfort and security in an atmosphere full of life, activity and dignity.

Nursing home care has changed over the years, and Lenawee Medical Care Facility is proud to serve senior care patients through a holistic approach. A nursing home doesn't need to be an institutional-looking, sterile type of facility. Instead, our nursing home looks like mini-communities that are vibrant and active, exhibiting an at-home atmosphere that is personalized for each resident.

The cultural change from institutional care to a social model of care improves the well being of both the residents and the caregivers. We focus on companionship, meaningful care, and elder choices in daily living. Each of our senior care communities is designed as a household of elders, enjoying the later years of life in a warm and inviting culture.

For information regarding COVID-19 and the current strategies that are utilized to keep the Elders safe and healthy, please contact Jeanette Smith, Infection Preventionist or Jami Kleparek, Director of Nursing at 517-263-6794.