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Common Elder Care Questions

How do I get my loved one into your nursing home facility?
A referral must be made through the primary care physician or medical setting, such as a hospital. A packet can be picked up at our facility or it can be faxed to the physician.

Is there a waiting list for elder care?
The waiting list varies from day to day. It is recommended that if you are considering Lenawee Medical Care Facility that you are proactive and start the process of submitting a referral. Please call the Admission Social Worker for further details.

How do we get a private room?
We do have 72 private rooms in our facility. The private rooms are based on medical necessity and other factors.

Does Medicare cover 100 days?
Medicare Part A may cover up to 100 days. If you require skilled care (i.e. therapy) and continue to make progress, Medicare will cover this. Once it has been determined that you have reached your highest functional level, Medicare coverage will end. Medicare covers days 1-20 at 100%, for days 21 up to 100 there is a co-pay, which your co-insurance may cover.

What is the Elder-to-staff ratio?
Our staffing varies based on household needs and shifts. We are also always above the state required regulations for staffing.

Do you have visiting hours?
There are no specific visiting hours. You can visit your loved one at any time, however we recommend between the hours of 11:00 am and 8:00 pm.

Can my primary physician follow me while I am at your facility?
No. We have several physicians that can practice at our facility for you to choose from. You will be under the care of one of them while at our facility. Upon discharge, your primary care physician will be notified and sent a discharge packet with information regarding your stay.

Can you accommodate a request for a special diet?
We work with all residents on an individual basis to meet their dietary needs or requirements. One benefit of the dining rooms inside each household living area is the ability for the Elder to select from a variety of meal choices each day.

Can I join my Elder to eat during mealtime?
A guest who is visiting may bring in a meal to eat with the Elder.

Can we bring our pet to visit also?
Pets may be brought in to visit, but they must be on a leash. Be aware that we have household pets that live in and wander through our communities, so we appreciate close watch of your pet.

Where can I access your Pension and OPEB Funding Report?
An Excel document of our Pension and OPEB Funding Report is available for download here.