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Lenawee Medical Care Facility is pleased to announce the enhancement of its Rehabilitation Program to serve those seeking a recuperative, short term stay.  The program will operate in conjunction with RehabCare, Inc. a national leader in rehabilitation services and will further compliment our facility's commitment to serving the post acute care needs of our community.

The program mission is to help patients regain their independence by teaching them skills needed to care for themselves with a focus on excellent clinical outcomes.  This is achieved through a collaborative patient-centered approach of the facility's physicians; nursing staff, physical, occupational, and speech therapist; social workers; family members and the patients themselves.

Lenawee's rehabilitation program serves patients with strokes, hip and knee fractures and replacements, cancer, Parkinson's and other disabling diseases.  Each patient is provided an individualized treatment plan carried out in our spacious therapy space which includes the addition of a fully equipped kitchen and a training bathroom to ensure safety for real life activities that are performed in a private residence.

Therapy services are offered 7 days per week and patients stay in a comfortable spacious private rooms with private bathrooms when available.  A home evaluation is offered as a part of the discharge planning process and a follow up appointment is scheduled.

Senior Care Therapy Services

Physical Therapy Services to Help Your Loved One

The Physical Therapy Department develops senior care therapy programs to prevent disability, and relieve pain. They also concentrate on developing, improving, or restoring motor function, and maintaining a maximum performance level for each elder.

Our bright and airy physical therapy department has the latest equipment for our therapists to coach elders through appropriate senior care therapy sessions. We use parallel bars, weights, bicycle, whirlpool, a recumbent step machine, as well as moist hot treatments, cold therapy, ultrasound, and more. Elders are carefully monitored by our Registered Physical Therapists, who develop an individualized therapeutic program that meets their needs for growth and development.

Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy is Part of Senior Care

Sometimes an elder is limited because of a physical injury or illness, a psychosocial dysfunction, or the overall aging process. The specialists in our occupational therapy department focus on the goal of helping your loved one function as independently as possible during regular daily living.

Perhaps your loved one needs to re-learn how to do something, due to an illness such as a stroke. Maybe adaptive tools will help them to function easier, and they need coaching in using these properly. Treatment plans can be developed for whatever is needed to help your loved one function as normally as possible.

Speech therapy is sometimes needed to assist with communication as people get older. Your loved one may have difficulty swallowing due to a disease or stroke, or perhaps they aren't able to communicate as well as they used to. A Certified Speech-Language Pathologist works with our residents for the specific senior care therapy services they need.

Senior Care Therapy Includes Recreation

Activities and programs can help elders regain lost skills and get active again. A variety of activities are planned for fine motor skills improvement, sensory stimulation, and cognitive challenging. These types of activities are planned on a calendar each month, so your elder can choose their level of participation.

The variety of senior care therapies at Lenawee Medical Care Facility are designed to stabilize or improve the activity of your loved one. We strive to keep your elders motivated, active, and busy enjoying life!


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